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Birthdate:Apr 17
Hi. I'm Ta'eris. And this would be my personal journal.

To start off: If you want friended, read this post and this post both in full. Then read the rest of my profile. Then, let me know who you are via PM or comment to stickied post, unless I have added you first in which case you are exempt. There are no filters, and so I'm likely not going to add you unless I know you. I reserve the right to politely refuse. You need to be able to handle anything I write in order for me to add you, and if you can't, I won't. This place is first and foremost for me, and if you don't like that, you can please and kindly fuck off. And you are duly warned: If I become uncomfortable, I WILL de-friend or use the ban-hammer. I do not do it lightly, but I WILL do it.

Now, with that out of the way, the rest of the summary of me:

I'm the main of the Rhiannon Network, a multiple network comprised of 5 systems and a few floaters. I appear about 25. My system is the Rhiannon system, of which I am also the (unofficial) main. I'm the keeper and carrier of the Feuerkind, Kistoriena, and Maple Leaf Inns. I am both Rokkatru and a Vanic priestess amongst some other such names, a god-owned and god-spoused shaman/ess, a channel, medium, psychopomp, energyworker, and, amongst other things, animist. This does not just permeate my work, it is an always-constant influence on my life...and a mere sample of it.

I am an assassin. I am a retired officer of the Order of the Darks led by Tyraelia, as it translates to English, which I still on very rare occasion do side work for. I recently came out of retirement to re-begin moving up the ranks in the Guild of Talos. On occasion I pursue private contracts for my own entertainment. These are not my only contracts but they are the ones I will speak of here. You should know this, first and foremost, as it gives great insight as to my personality, mannerisms, and the like, if you know the type. I write of this. This warning is the only catering to softer minds I give.

I currently work within three main pantheons-the Celtic, the Norse, and the Hellenic-but as I am up for lend to whomever follows the laid stipulations I deal with anyone who knocks. I also have canonical ties. And I have several other secondary pantheons which I am invested in personally, not just officially, some examples of which are the Kemetic, the Roman, the Hindu, and by proxy of my boyfriend, the Ifa/Loa and Shinto. I am also going through a major paradigm shift regarding my religion, so this paragraph is liable to change at the drop of a hat.

Not all my cross/otherworld work is for/involving deities. And some of it isn't work at all, some if it just for myself. Much of it involves my second home, the one I am found at when I am not at my Inns, and often even when I am. If you can't keep an open mind about what I have mentioned, you do not belong here.

I am also of ADF, Hearth Warden and Purse Warden of the newly formed New Villiage Protogrove in Colorado Springs, and I have unofficial ties to the Silver Branch Golden Horn Grove in Denver (which I recently left in official matters). I will soon be starting the Dedicant's Program, which I am required to write of. For more info on ADF, hit

In other identity news, I am a kinky bisexual highly sexual gender shifting age sliding androgynous gender-sliding half-elvan jotuness otherkin polyamorous (taken, not looking) multiple vampire (both sanguine and energetic). I'm also a mother of many children, and may or may not talk about them and their fathers.

As for the more mundane, I enjoy weaponry and fighting or sparring whenever possible, music (especially drumming and singing), various and sundry arts (photography, silk painting, costume design and construction, painting, pastel and charcoal work, sketching, leatherwork, chainmail, jeweling), dancing of as many kinds as I can grasp, renaissance faires, history/mythology/lore/such geekery, and creating and consuming interesting foods, amongst many other random hobbies. I am a jack of all trades, somewhat. I have a Deviant Art, username nadjarachel, which is currently being used to promote my photographic prints that are for sale, and the commission slots I am opening in December, and I will soon have an Etsy shop.

I'm known to be an introvert, and to get around people knowing this by distracting them with surface talk. I try to get around this to an extent with family and friends, which is partially what this journal's for (in addition to being a mind-dump space), but I very often fail. Any success results in people seeing more of my slow but potent temper, and more of my depression, anxiety, and trauma, than I care to let on. I'm a very independant, stubborn, proud woman, I don't generally talk that much, I almost never lean on people even when physically I'm doing so.

I'm also known to be passionate, firey, somewhat of an extremist, very intense. I am also very loyal, very protective, very clannish. Being an even shot warrior/healer type, I'm also very compassionate...and I have the penchant for overworking myself and for being a really shitty patient.
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